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Welcome to Saudi Cricket. For decades, cricket has been a choice of thousands of expatriates pursuing their future in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are enjoying the open and welcoming spirit of this great game. Saudi Cricket takes pride in bringing cricket to its structured form to raise the quality and uphold the name of this great game at national level.

Saudi Cricket Center(SCC) was established in year 2001 under the patronage of HRH Princess Ghada Bint Hamood Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saoud. Stimulated by other international organizations, SCC has flourished with the guiding objective of “Development and Promotion of the game of Cricket in Saudi Arabia”.

Saudi Cricket Centre is the only legal and indigenous entity registered with General Presidency of Youth Welfare to control the game of Cricket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is officially affiliated with Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and International Cricket Council (ICC), which enable to control all overseas tours, regional competitions and Cricket at grass root level within the national parameters.


SCC’s progress has been governed by commitment, dedication and professionalism. SCC understands the rich cultural diversity of Saudi Arabia, its language and customs and that is what essential for the success of operations.

Growth of cricket in Saudi Arabia

The first references of the game of cricket in Saudi Arabia is found in 1960, contested by parish teams

Structured and organised cricket was developed by the middle of 1970s when associations were formed.

Legal status to organise the game of cricket was attained in 2001.

Representation as a country in international events in 2003.

Current Situation

Six Regional Cricket Associations

WPCA – Western Province Cricket Association

RCA – Riyadh Cricket Association

EPCA – Eastern Province Cricket Association

YACA – Yanbu Al Sinayiah Cricket Association

SPCA – Southern Province Cricket Association

MCA – Medina Cricket League

120 registered cricket clubs

over 3000 registered players

25 Cricket Grounds

2 Cricket Academies (Jeddah and Yanbu)

One Turf Wicket

3 Astroturf Wickets

17 Certified Coaches

28 Certified Umpires

One Woman ACC Qualified Umpire/Scorer

Annual Competitions


56 interclub competitions (each association conducts its own competition)

8 inter-region open competitions

One Inter-country competitions at association level

Junior and Youth

12 Inter-School Competitions (U-13,U-15,U-17)

4 regional Junior Competitions (U-19 ~ U-21)

8 coaches involved in regular coaching clinics

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